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Our in house local surveyors will perform the elevation certificate. No need for you to be home! We provide you a digital copy

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We offer elevation certificates at below market prices.  We do this because an elevation certificate is just a tool for us to be able to offer our other services.  An elevation certificate will let us know if we can remove your property from the flood zone.  If we are unable to get a property removed, the elevation certificate allows our partner company, National Flood Experts Insurance, to find the BEST possible rates for flood insurance.

We recommend Elevation certificates in all but the worst situations.  Even if your insurance agent tells you that one isn’t needed.  Just because it’s not needed, doesn’t mean it won’t allow you to get better rates!

Elevation certificates also allow you to access your true risk of flooding.  If you are considering purchasing a home and the elevation certificate shows you are 5 feet below the flood elevation in the area, you now KNOW this is a risky purchase.  If it shows you are 2 feet above the flood elevation, you can put most of your fears aside.

We had one investor that asked our opinion on a property they owned.  We advised them to sell it as soon as possible, they did, and since then the flood insurance rates for that property have doubled.

An elevation certificate is the first and most important step to flood insurance solutions.  It opens up opportunities for; Flood Zone Removal, Grandfathering, Venting, Flood Proofing, and better or preferred rates.

We perform Elevation Certificates throughout the State of Florida and Georgia.

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