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National Flood Experts on NBC Daytime

How to Remove Flood Insurance From Your Property

Home and business owners may be paying for flood insurance and not having to. FEMA maps are drawn according to area, not individual parcel. Learn how our guest Brad Hubbard is able to help get this requirement eliminated without risk of losing money.

Interview at Joy on Paper (A radio Program)

Fun to interview the newest writers from Eli Gonzalez’s TG Publishing: Brad Hubbard, Preston Copeland, Fredrica “Ricki” Nixon-Strusa, and James Ramos. They have a book signing event at Barnes & Noble.

FEMA Flood Zones and How to Escape and Profit From Them

by Tyler Sheff talks with Brad Hubbard | Cashflow Guys

012 FEMA Flood Zones and How to Escape and Profit From Them

By Tyler Sheff discovered by Player FM and our community

In this episode Tyler Sheff talks with Brad Hubbard from National Flood Experts about how to remove your home from the FEMA flood zone. As many or our listeners are aware, rising flood insurance rates matched with lender requirements to buy flood insurance has crippled many homeowners and investors. Homeowners to have some subsidies available to lower the premium however investors are forced to pay full value for flood insurance. There is a requirement to maintain flood insurance if the property is subject to an institutional loan. Brad discusses how FEMA determines flood zones, and provides further insight on the relationships between FEMA, State and local government agencies. Brad also covers how the service his company provides helps these government agencies by providing the consumer a more accurate flood zone map while increasing property values as much as $10,000 for every $500 spent in flood insurance premiums. National Flood Experts provides a risk free analysis of the current FEMA flood zone determination by contact them directly at or calling them directly at 800-561-0396 Savvy investors can potential receive windfall profits by leveraging this strategy in their property buying activities. Curious how this would work?

Tampa Home Talk – Internet Radio Pros

Brad Hubbard is the Founder and CEO of National Flood Experts. He is a professional engineer with a degree from the University of Florida. After working as an engineer for 12 years and in Insurance for 4, Hubbard found that his unique skillset allowed him to help property owners across the country. Through the FEMA Flood Zone Removal Process, the company is able to negotiate with the agency and prove recidences meet elevation regulations to be removed from a flood zone. Since then, his work has saved his clients over a million dollars in flood insurance premiums and increased property values by millions more.

Ep 67 Brad Hubbard: You Can Increase the Value of Your Property With This Flood Insurance Technique

Florida real estate investors should all be familiar with the flood insurance line-item on their properties’ expenditure lists. Much ofFlorida real estate is subject to blanket, federal regulations regarding flood insurancerequirements and financial institutions require flood insurance as a prerequisite for lending on all residential properties. Many investors may not know that their properties may be eligible for flood insurance exemptions on a case-by-case basis .

Brad Hubbard is an expert in all things related to flood insurance coverage and requirements. As founder of National Flood Experts, Brad has been saving investors thousands of dollars in expenditures by eliminating annual flood insurance costs. Brad discusses what he looks for in a property to determine its status in relation to FEMA’s national flood-zone map. He also discusses what investors and property owners can do to reduce flood insurance costs on properties not eligible for exemption. This is a great method for investors to eliminate a long-standing line-item on a property’s financial portfolio and increase the property’s long-term investment value.

  • Individual properties may be built outside of federal flood-zone parameters
  • Compare construction of building with FEMA flood-guidelines
  • Due Diligence on property
  • Elevation Certification – verifies building’s base flood-line in a 100-year period.
  • Surveys
  • Other info on elevation and structure of building

National Flood Experts can SAVE you thousands in flood insurance with no risk

Welcome! Today’s guest is Brad Hubbard of National Flood Experts. He has built a company and a career dedicated to helping people save huge amounts of money! Join us for more!

What is your background that led you to start National Flood Experts? 

“I worked for 12 years as a civil engineer, working with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) on flood zone issues. When I grew tired of working as an engineer, I began working as an insurance agent specializing in flood issues. I noticed how many homeowners were required to carry flood insurance even though there was almost no risk for flood. I found out FEMA has a process to take these homes out of the flood zone and save the homeowner from paying for flood insurance. Before long, I helped 20-30 clients and then created NFE to help millions of Americans who shouldn’t be paying for flood insurance.”

Why would someone be required to have flood insurance?

“There are two requirements to have flood insurance: having a mortgage and living in a flood zone, as determined by FEMA. Being near water doesn’t necessarily mean you MUST have flood insurance, and both residential and commercial properties are subject to these requirements.”

How are flood insurance rates determined?

“There are different factors that vary according to different agents. The rates are not standardized but are affected by how high the home is built and how high the speculated flood may be.”

Is FEMA in charge of determining flood zones?

“Yes. FEMA created the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program, which oversees all federal flood insurance in conjunction with local municipalities. They categorize flood zones and update maps every 10-15 years. NFE actually benefits FEMA by helping make their maps more accurate.”

So, as homeowners, is it accurate to say that we can actually CHALLENGE FEMA’s flood zone designation?

“Yes. Challenge is exactly the right word for what we can do. Most people don’t even know that this is possible, because we assume when the government says something, then that’s the end of it.”

Can you give us an example of how NFE can help a client?

“Yes. I have a client who lives in a 55+ neighborhood and was paying $1800/year for flood insurance. Our company did an Elevation Certificate and determined that we could help her. We charged her $500 for our services, submitted our report to FEMA, and they took her out of the flood zone within three days. She talked with her mortgage lender and her insurance agent and received a $900 refund from her escrow account and $1800 back from her previous year’s flood insurance. When you are taken out of a flood zone, then you’re entitled to a refund of every penny that you paid in flood insurance from the previous year! In addition to the $2700 refund, her mortgage payment dropped by $200/monthly—all of this was accomplished in just a few days’ time!”

How do homeowners get an Elevation Certificate?

“It’s part of the package with a survey and appraisal when you purchase a home or purchase flood insurance. Only about 20% of people don’t have one. Our crew can complete an Elevation Certificate for $150-500. If your home has been built or improved upon in the last 20-30 years, then an Elevation Certificate probably exists. Every municipality is required to keep these as public record in order to have FEMA participation.”

Does your service fee vary according to whether a home is in a low-value area or a high-dollar area?

“No, our services are based on a flat rate no matter where you live.”

What can NFE do for Medicare recipients?

“In all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and anywhere that FEMA regulates, NFE has a way to make it easy. There is a 24-hour recorded message line: 888-289-3134. You can access our free consumer’s guide to purchasing flood insurance. Our services are 100% guaranteed, with a total refund if we can’t help them, so there is NO RISK! If you mention this podcast when you call, then you will receive a $50 discount.”

Tell us what you can do to help our listeners.

“For some, we can get you out of a flood zone designation and eliminate your need for flood insurance. For others, we can reduce your insurance premium in several different ways in reviewing your property and options.”

Can you give us a summary of what your company does when a client calls?

“When you call and leave a message, all we need is your name and address to begin our research. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours and give our recommendations regarding how we can help. There is no payment required until a determination is made that we can help. The initial review is free and the only charge happens when we KNOW that we can help (and don’t forget the MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!)”

How does your fee differ from residential and commercial clients?

“The pricing is a little different, based on how much we can save a commercial client in a year, but the process and the guarantee are the same!”

What if a residential homeowner has had flooding? Can they still contact you?

“Yes and no. If you’ve had a flood claim, then FEMA is not going to remove you from the flood zone, but there still are things you can do to reduce your premium. Keep in mind that FEMA defines a “flood” as rising water over more than two acres and where two or more properties are affected. Flooding does NOT include broken pipes or a water main break. Your normal homeowners’ insurance covers those water damage issues.

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